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Ones Village Shirt Collage

Ones Village

Providing true comfort for the every day individual.

In January 2023, Ones Village LLC announced Ones Village Apparel, where we aim to be casually fashionable, and diverse. Launching our first affordable apparel in the form of t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies. We are currently working on bringing the world our very own dad hats, truckers and swimming trunks, to match the summertime heat here in Charlotte, North Carolina and around the world. 

Moving forward our focus is to continue rebranding the old adage, "it takes a village," and to provide excellent customer service so that each time you visit Ones Village, you leave more satisfied than the last. Shopping with us not only means being fly, it means investing capital in the services you want to experience, as we intend to spend that money wisely, bringing you bigger and better, as well as investing in our community.

Ones Village Classic
Front Yard Tee

Our Values

What does this brand represent? If you look at other clothing brands, everybody has a skull, a star, or their favorite deceased rapper on a hoodie or shirt. Who’s making organic designs for everyone? You know just the regular run of the mill individuals, like the warehouse worker with two kids and a sick aunt he's taking care of, the young woman in college working 3 jobs to be successful, all the way to the barber who keeps the single mom’s sons in check and motivated to live life? Ones Village is truly about Community, Creativity, and Culture rebranding the old adage it take a village. So, who’s your neighbor? 

Charlotte Skyline



Our community values lie within the homeless shelters, and group homes, as we aim to give back. EVERYONE deserves a place that feels like home.



Creativity means more than drawing or writing, it means expression. We believe SELF EXPRESSION is the source of healing.



Culture is what ties the village together. It's seen through movies, music, art, and fashion; leaving a trail of identity for GENERATIONS to come.

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